Ecospiritual Coaching

A woman sits on a boulder overlooking waterfalls into a river. She is using the ecospiritual practices to reconnect to the Earth and her sense of deep belonging. If you are looking for guidance on reconnecting and healing with the Earth, please reach out! I am an ecotherapy coach in Berkeley, CA.

If you are struggling with a sense of deep grief, disconnection, and fear during this time of great change and global climate crisis, you are not alone. I support folks in reconnecting to their sense of power, hope, belonging, and joy in their relationship to the Earth.

There is still time to heal, grow, and change. The Earth is your home. You belong here.

As an ecospiritual coach, I offer a highly personalized path supporting you in re-connecting to the spiritual nature of the Earth. Sessions can be purchased in a series of seasonal based packages, designed to support you through the season of your choice or through the whole evolution of the year.

Practices include:

  • Depth hypnotherapy and guided visualization or journey work
  • Eco-therapy assignments to be completed between sessions
  • Building a consistent mutual relationship with a specific place in nature
  • Practices for clearing and healing the energy of Earth
  • Rituals for receiving healing from the Earth
  • Explorations on your experience of gender and its unique connection to the Earth, outside of the colonizing paradigms of the modern world
  • Practices for healing the impact of oppression on your sense and ability to feel yourself as an integral part of the Earth
  • Expressive arts exercises to create gifts and offerings for the Earth
  • Guidance on developing a positive and healing physical relationship with the Earth
  • Support on developing your own, culturally appropriate practices and navigating cultural appropriation vs. respectful appreciation
  • Discounted access to online and in-person groups, workshops, and retreats for the full time we are working together

Coming soon!