All the Living Beings – A Poem and a Promise for These Times

where were you
when it came?

our children’s children will ask.

and what
did you do?

and i will tell them,
i opened up my heart
so that it could see
all that we may be.
the joys, and the fears.
the love, and the hate.
the peace, and the violence.
the living, and the dying.
the togetherness, and the divisions.

i saw it all.

and i did 

for this is who we are,
i will tell them.
the whole universe,
in a single breath.
not good, nor bad,
not beyond, nor in between.
but something precious
and sacred,
but present. 

i learned that we 
are all.
and we all learned
to just

and i will hold them,
and sing their songs
and remind them 
that each and every
being -
plant. animal. element. season. bug. weather. stone. light. dark. human. being.
is sacred.
which they already knew.

because we,
made that 
our legacy.

for them.
for us.

and so it was.
and so it shall be.

- All the Living Beings. by Phoenix.


We are living through an unprecedented time, a space of complete unknown. We do not know what will happen, we are uncertain about how to be where we are, and many of us are just beginning to reflect on and see where we’ve been. Some of us must move constantly now, while some of us stand completely still. It is a time of undoing, and there is no right way to navigate it.

Only the right path, for you.

Each of Earth’s beings has a unique path – a sacred and inexplicable pull within our very core that directs and redirects us to our own true North. We are ever spiraling around it, longing, seeking, afraid and hopeful each in our own way. It is painful, peaceful, exciting, frightening, and freeing – all in different turns. It is unknowable.

These are teachings the Earth shares through lived experiences. The rhythms, the cycles, the deep patterns of life that seem chaos and upon closer reflection, end up offering understanding and wisdom. No matter what our experience is of this time, whether in pain or peace, this wisdom is available to us.

Starting the week of April 22nd, Earth Day, I will be offering a donation based virtual group to reconnect with the teachings of the land. We will use guided meditations and journeys to connect with the spirits of the land, the elements, and their teachings.

Each person will be invited into their own unique connection, and each person will seek to receive their own understandings and teachings. We will have time to share what we feel called to share with each other, and guidance on how to integrate for the following week.

Journey to the Land:

A weekly group to re-connect the healing wisdom of the Earth.

*Details TBA, check back here to learn more. I hope you can join us.

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