It is my deepest belief that there is something much larger here holding us, something infinite and ultimately incomprehensible, and for me… that is the Earth.

– Phoenix Song, Queer Spirit Podcast “Receiving Healing from the Earth”

Open your heart. Listen. The Earth is calling…

We are living in unprecedented times. The Earth is changing, and so are we. We cannot know what the future holds, but we can heal the present.

We can connect . We can heal. We can envision and create the world for which we long.

We have everything we need.

Earth Based Wisdoms offers re-wilding experiences to support you in creating a healing, powerful, and reciprocal relationship to the Earth. I create and facilitate nature based, guided journeys, healings, workshops, retreats, and personal coaching to help realign your being to the natural rhythms of your own self, the Earth, and the unfolding of life. This process can help you to rebuild and re-wild your unique and sacred co-partnership with the Earth, and create the full life for which you are here to live – in alignment, integrity, and joyful connection.

Earth Based Wisdoms is rooted in cultivating our connection to the healing wisdom within the Earth. By building relationship with the healing wisdom of the Earth, we can better assist in our own healing processes, as well develop our own intuitive way of living in harmony with this most sacred land.

We are all students of this most sacred Earth, whenever we are ready to learn.