It is my deepest belief that there is something much larger here holding us, something infinite and ultimately incomprehensible, and for me… that is the Earth. – Phoenix Song, Queer Spirit Podcast “Receiving Healing from the Earth”

I am honored to be a practitioner of Earth Based Wisdoms and Shamanism. Through this work, I offer: 
* soul retrieval
* power retrieval
* energetic interference releasement
* ancestral lineage clearing
* journeywork and support connecting to your own Guides
* space clearing
* sound healing - drum healings, songs of healing
* energy medicine

Earth Based Wisdoms is rooted in cultivating the ability to connect beyond the seen and ordinary reality to the healing wisdom that is available to each and every one of us, at all times. Far from esoteric, this connection to the unseen, non-ordinary reality is part of what it means to be human, and thus part of the Earth. By learning to access this reality we can better assist in our own healing processes, as well develop our own intuitive guidance throughout our lives.

Connecting to the true healing and wisdom of the Earth is the essential birthright of every being. I would be honored to support you in reconnecting to all that is within.